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Q & A 

Q. Are Texas Tenants Benefits Services a Law Firm?

A. No, we are not attorneys, however, we are educated, trained and experience Paralegals.

Q. How can Texas Tenants Benefits Services help tenants?

A. As experienced Paralegals specializing in Landlord & Tenants Laws, Business, we can make sure that the landlord is not breaking the civil procedure in having the tenant evicted. 


Q. How much notice is legally required before landlords, vendors or staff representatives shows up to enter the apartment?

A. Please refer to your lease agreement or State Laws.

Q. If the apartment community decides to enter a corporate contract to have wireless internet service installed on properties can the landlord force you to choose their internet service provider if you had an existing service contract with a different company?

A. P

Q. What can I do if maintenance request is not properly being fulfilled and ongoing problems exist?

A. As a client, we will make immediate contact with the landlord to let them know that they are in violation under terms of the lease and give them minimal days to make the repairs or we will begin action.

Q. What if the landlord fails to report crimes, assaults, theft, and break-ins, falsely advertise or provides inaccurate information on the website for move-in specials?


Q. What are the laws pertaining to late fees and eviction notices?


Q. Are landlords responsible for apartment community lighting after dark to ensure safety?

Q. Should I be notified anytime someone gains access to my apartment for any reason?

Q. Who's responsible for removing endangered animals or unattended pets without a leash from the community?

Q. What happens if I detect mildew and mold in my apartment and report it. Can I request to move to another apartment or is this a justifiable reason to break the lease as the tenant?

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