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Refund Policy

Each client with proof from the date of purchase has up to 10 days to request and receive a refund minus a $50.00 administration fee. The refund will be credit back to the credit card that was paid or if paid by cash, they will receive a day and time to come to our office located at 5718 Westheimer Road 10th Floor Suite 1000, Houston, Texas 77077 to pick-up their cash. 

If the client can provide proof that any court documents for evictions were rejected (due to the fault of Texas Tenants Benefits Services) for untimely filing then the client has 10 days from the date of rejection by the court to request a 100% refund, which will be given within 24 hours of the client notifying us of the rejection. 

Our refund guidelines are in compliance with the Texas Business and Commerce Code Chapter 39.

Our office location is:

5718 Westheimer Road 1oth Floor Suite 1000

Houston, Texas 77077

Phone: 832-376-7739


Our mailing address is:

Texas Tenants Benefits Services, Inc.

11807 Westheimer Road Suite 550-929

Houston, Texas 77077

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